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Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer

The highlight powder made of light and thin refreshing texture, can effectly enhance the stereoscopic facial contour, make the face sparkle and leave your makeup more shine and charming.

Long-lasting Glitter Effect

The Highlighter spray is natural fine and has good adsorption, so they can fit the skin well after using, while help to absorb the excess oil and cover skin blemishes. The glitter effect last for a long time amd make you glittery and glamorous every day.

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The spray not only can be used for face make like glitter eyeshadow and cheeks blush, but also can as body glitter spray for neck, collarbone, legs and any area you want to shine. The body shimmer spray are available in 4 colors for you to choose the corresponding color according your favor.

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Uses of Glitter Spray™


Body glitter

Having a dramatic shiny effect and make you to stand out in the crowd.


Glitter for nails

Spice up your nail arts and makes your nails more appealing


Hair glitter spray

Using glitter in your hair by mixing it with hair gel or spraying your hair with hairspray and sprinkling the glitter over it. (Tips: need to use hair gel to stick the glitters on you hair!)


Glitter for clothes

Our glitter provide a sparkling effect to your clothes, suitable for all events and celebrations.

How it works

4 Steps To Use Glitter Spray™


Ensure well-mixed glitter. Vigorously shake to avoid clumps and ensure even, dazzling application.


Squeeze bulb, create vacuum, insert nozzle into glitter, release bulb - essential for loading the sprayer.


Spray 6-8 inches away, gently squeeze for even mist. Keep the sprayer moving for a uniform shimmer.


Admire the sparkle, adjust as needed. Layer for more shimmer. Let each dry. Clean the sprayer for future use. 


What our customers say


Rio Hunter


I absolutely adore the Glitter Spray™ Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer! It's a game-changer for adding some sparkle to my crafts. The fine diamond glitter powder dispenses evenly, and the results are breathtaking. It's become a staple in my crafting arsenal.


Daniyal Bell


The Glitter Spray™ Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer is pure magic in a bottle! I used it for a special event, and it transformed everything into a dazzling spectacle. From decorations to clothing, this product made everything shine. I highly recommend it


Hannah Rhodes


I'm in love with the Glitter Spray™ Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer! As a makeup artist, I'm always on the lookout for products that add that extra touch of glamour. This sprayer is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to my clients' looks. It's easy to use, and the glitter stays in place. It's a must-have in my kit!

Glitter Spray™

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Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer
Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer
Best Seller
Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer
Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer

Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer



A "Diamond Glitter Powder Sprayer" is a device or tool designed to apply diamond glitter powder to various surfaces. This glitter powder is typically made of finely ground or crushed pieces of reflective material that can create a sparkling, diamond-like effect when applied. The sprayer mechanism allows for a more even and controlled distribution of the glitter powder, making it easier to achieve a desired glittery look on items such as clothing, accessories, or crafts.



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