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American Standard 1.25 Hp Food Waste Disposer

American Standard 1.25 Hp Food Waste Disposer

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With the ASD-1250 Waste Disposer, you can replace that old, smelly, noisy disposer with the newest in disposer technology. Your ASD-1250 Disposer is treated with Bio-Shield, a unique antimicrobial agent molded inside providing protection against odor caused by bacterial growth. Your ASD-1250 disposer can handle most types of food waste including coffee grounds, the toughest vegetable scraps, peelings and small bones. The ASD-1250 Waste Disposer is the key to convenience and a healthy home environment. Cooking is easier and faster because you do not make trips back and forth to an outside garbage container. Cleanup after meals is fast and easy. Reduce unpleasant odors by instantly disposing of food waste and reduce insect and rodent infestation by instantly removing food waste. Meal preparation and cleanup are easier than ever. Simply turn on the water, power on disposer, and scrape messy food waste into your disposer. It s that simple! Scraps are ground into very fine particles and sent down the drain...and it is safe to use with septic tanks too. No more odors, vermin-attracting mess or unsanitary conditions which means a cleaner, healthier life.

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