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Bosch - 13477 - Oxygen Sensor

Bosch - 13477 - Oxygen Sensor

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An oxygen sensor detects the amount of oxygen in vehicle s exhaust gases and sends a signal to the engine computer. This signal is used by the engine ECU to fine-tune the air/fuel mixture to the optimal level to ensure maximum catalyst efficiency and a long service life. A worn-out oxygen sensor can cause serious problems like excessive fuel consumption and elevated exhaust emissions as well as shorten the life of a catalytic converter and affect engine performance. oxygen sensors are the number one choice for many car makers worldwide. Each oxygen sensor by is subjected to a 1,000 degree Celsius functional test and a leak test to ensure environmental and functional robustness. oxygen sensors feature a revolutionary patented universal connection system that is fully submersible in water and protects against contamination as well as withstands extreme temperatures and engine vibration.

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