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Acerbis - 2686025226 - Full Plastic Kit Orange

Acerbis - 2686025226 - Full Plastic Kit Orange

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When your bike runs like a champ but looks clapped out, Acerbis has your back with their Full Plastic Kits to make your machine look young again. These kits are formed to the original factory shape and dimension to fit your ride perfectly without any hassle. Several colors are available including matching factory colors for certain model years. Acerbis plastics are made from the best materials so your bike will be ready to go with renewed looks with an added measure of protection. Specs: Replacement set of plastics for your machine. Quality construction prevents cracking, fading, and chalking. All plastic kits have the original factory shape and dimensions. Colors marked with original correspond with the original factory colors of this model/year. Items in kit may vary based on model.

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