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Sloan 3080050 Regal Xl 1.28 Gpf Manual Flush Valve

Sloan 3080050 Regal Xl 1.28 Gpf Manual Flush Valve

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This 3080050 Regal chrome single flush exposed manual water closet flushometer is the smart choice for water closets in your commercial restroom. Boasting a versatile chrome-plated finish that complements nearly any design aesthetic, this flushometer lends a subtle, modern accent to your toilet fixtures. It also provides the quality and usability you expect and depend on, with a reliable diaphragm valve and a valve body made from semi-red brass for durability, and key components that incorporate PERMEX rubber compound for chloramine resistance. This flushometer is a great option when you need a simple, reliable flush mechanism for your water closet. The ADA Compliant metal lever handle is easy to use for all guests, eliminating the inconvenience that can occur on hands-free models if a sensor malfunctions or runs out of batteries. It is a single flush unit, and uses 1.28 GPF. The non-hold-open handle prevents the toilet from exceeding the intended flush volume. Additional features include a 1IPS angle stop with vandal resistant stop cap and a top spud fixture connection with a 1 1/2spud coupling. It requires a 1supply pipe and 11 1/2rough-in.

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