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Arb Arb505 E-Z Deflator Kit

Arb Arb505 E-Z Deflator Kit

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Quick Deflation. Carrying a reliable deflator tool on your Tacoma adds convenience to your all-terrain adventures. Switching from on-road to off-road driving might require you to reduce your tires corresponding pressures to maximize traction and reduce the risk of punctures. This E-Z Deflator Kit solves this concern as it is particularly designed to facilitate a quick tire deflation process with an easy valve core removal capability. Premium Construction. The Deflator features corrosion-resistant brass and stainless deflator gauge enclosure. The easy-to-read dial displays a one-psi interval with accurate pressure readings, thanks to the fully-geared solid brass movement. The high-quality bronze Bourdon tube gauge design ensures accuracy that is free from the influence of temperature, humidity, and altitude changes. This kit also comes with a protective rubber gauge guard and a durable storage pouch. Application. This E-Z Deflator Kit is intended for use on all Toyota Tacoma models.

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