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Diamondback 5-14 Artisan Toolbelt System Black / Right Side / Xl

Diamondback 5-14 Artisan Toolbelt System Black / Right Side / Xl

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The Diamondback Artisan 6-Pocket Complete Tool Belt Set was designed for the craftsman that knows what they need, when they need it and where they want to put it. The Miter Pouch on the dominant side has six slots for your essential tools and a 7-slot Drill Bit/Tool Index for your smaller pieces. The Eagle Pouch on the non-dominant side has the storage capacity and organization for auxiliary tools, fasteners and ties. The Artisan comes standard with a padded tool belt and Hammer Holster. All of this secures firmly to a lightweight and comfortable 4′′ Diamondback Belt. Miter Pouch: The Miter is the perfect pouch for trim work by keeping hand tools separated and organized and providing slots for your vital bits and punches. Eagle Pouch: The Eagle includes a top pocket for tape, chalk or small fasteners, a main pocket with speed square divider sized for hand tools or strip fasteners. Hammer Holster: The Hammer Holster rides behind any Diamondback pouch with the head of your hammer at your fingertips and the handle in a padded sleeve that protects your legs and knees, as well as your surroundings. 4Diamondback Belt: The Diamondback Belt provides more comfort, support and options for customization than any other product on the market. Based on a lightweight, durable design, our belt distributes weight away from your hips for years of pain-free wear. TOOL BELT SIZING: DO NOT USE YOUR PANTS SIZE. Use a tape measure to measure around your torso at the belly button. See how in the video above. Small (S) 31-34 inch Medium (M) 35-38 inch Large (L) 39-42 inch Extra Large (XL) 43-46 inch

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