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Mfj-849 Digital Swr/Watmeter, Hf/Vhf/Uhf, 200w

Mfj-849 Digital Swr/Watmeter, Hf/Vhf/Uhf, 200w

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SWR measuring bridge with two sensors and digital readout.The -849 instrument is equally suitable for short wave and VHF/UHF (2m, 70cm). It has two switchable sensors and two connectors (PL) each for shortwave and V/UHF. So you can keep both transmitters connected at the same time and don t have to change cables all the time. The KW range goes from 1 to 60 MHz, the V/UHF range from 125 to 525 MHz. The large and easy to read display is an LC type with 3.5diagonal and orange backlight.The maximum power handling of the -849 is 200W, with an accuracy of ±5%. The input power (Fwd), the reflected power (Ref) and the SWR are displayed simultaneously. The minimum transmit power for SWR measurement is 1W. All RF connections are PL sockets (SO239). A power supply cable (12V DC) is included. The dimensions are 140 x 84 x 122 mm, the weight of the -849 is 750 g.

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