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Warn - 885030 - Pullzall-Cordless-24vdc

Warn - 885030 - Pullzall-Cordless-24vdc

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Cordless lifting and pulling tool for moving big game, loading ATVs, pulling fence, and moving heavy loads Powerful rechargeable 24 volt NiMH battery is ideal for use in the field Hand-held electric tool lifts or pulls 1000 pounds Forward, reverse and variable speed control for precise movements Replaces come a longs and chain falls, helping you get the job done faster without the manual labor When work takes you to more remote locations, bring the mechanical muscle of the portable, cordless PullzAll with you. From tough tasks like pulling pipe to stretching wire fence, you ll come to count on PullzAll to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. You could say the color of versatility on the job is PullzAll red. The Warn cordless PullzAll is powered by one 24 volt DC rechargeable NiMH battery pack, and delivers 1000 pounds (454 kilos) of pulling capacity. The electronic load limiter has an LED indicator. The variable speed trigger provides for smooth, precise operation. The unit is also equipped with a versatile swivel anchor hook, 15 feet (4.6 meter) of durable wire rope, and an industrial grade front hook. Replacement/spare battery Warn 685013 is sold separately.

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