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Apc Battery Back-Ups, 900va (Bn900m)

Apc Battery Back-Ups, 900va (Bn900m)

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Avoid data loss during unexpected power outages with this battery backup. Plug in up to seven devices and let the two surge protectors keep your critical electronics protected. This battery backup delivers a battery run time of up to 5.9 hours, which provides plenty of time to save and back up your work. 354-joule rating Absorbs a high amount of energy to adequately protect your equipment and prolong the life of the unit. 9 outlets 6 battery backup and 3 surge protected outlets ensure you have emergency power for any device. 5′ power cord For easy room placement. Multiple alarm settings Customize your power notifications so you only get information that is important to you. Reliably silence alarms Quick mute alarms with the touch of a button. Wall mounting sockets Keyhole sockets for mounting the UPS in structured wiring closets, behind desks, in basements, garages, etc. ENERGY STAR certified Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. $75,000 Equipment Protection Policy.

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