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Yamaha Bb234 Raspberry Red

Yamaha Bb234 Raspberry Red

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The BB 234s body is crafted from lightweight alder to produce a smooth, deep bass tone with a beefy midrange and a slightly sizzling high end. Its strong, full-bodied sound works well when paired with the brightness of a maple neck, adding plenty of depth and dynamics to the overall tone. The maple neck is coupled with a rosewood fingerboard, adding complexity to the high end and providing a smooth playing experience. The neck also features an incredibly thin profile, improving its playability and feel to suit modern and traditional players. Versatile Custom V3 Pickups The BB 234 is equipped with a set of powerful custom V3 pickups, with a split single-coil at the neck and a bar single-coil at the bridge. This configuration is perfect for players who enjoy playing a wide range of musical styles, while the ceramic magnets ensure the bass delivers a clear, well-defined sound. The custom V3 pickups offer a beautiful, full-bodied tonality, with an excellent articulation that adds to playing dynamics. A single tone control and 2 volume controls provide versatile tone shaping, allowing players to dial in the perfect sound for their playing. High-Quality Hardware s BB Bass Guitar is finished with a range of high-quality appointments, delivering excellent sound, feel, and playability. A set of lightweight tuners provide better balance than standard tuners, complementing the overall feel of the bass while its open-gear design adds to the s aesthetics. A 4-bolt plate holds the neck to the body, providing extra cut to the overall tone, while the urea nut helps improve string stability. The vintage style bridge also adds to the stunning look of the BB 234, providing the bass with its classic look.

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