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Benu Briolette Fountain Pen - Luminous Amber | Medium

Benu Briolette Fountain Pen - Luminous Amber | Medium

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BENU was created in January 2016 with the aim to make writing instruments and desk accessories for those who prefer bold, bright colours and new designs that are playful, stylish and fun. The name BENU is inspired by the ancient Egyptian god associated with the sun, creation and rebirth and the Benu bird, which is one of the oldest known names of the phoenix, a majestic creature that is reborn throughout time. BENU pens are truly something different, they have a distinctive design and pronounced character with unique patterns and colour combinations. The Benu Briolette pen is the model with a striking faceted contour. Long briolette-like cuts prevent the pens from rolling and enables the true colour and brilliance of the material to emerge. Yellow fountain pen made from high quality resin with gold leaf inserts. #5 Schmidt stainless steel nib available in a range of nib sizes and screw on cap that can not be posted. This pen glows in the dark after an hour exposure to either sunlight or LED light. Fits a standard large international size cartridge or use with a converter and fountain pen ink. Converter available separately. Measures 138 mm. Weighs 19.5g.

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