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Seamazz Canadian Lobster Tail, 4 Ounce - 1 Each.

Seamazz Canadian Lobster Tail, 4 Ounce - 1 Each.

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Serve gourmet seafood entrees year-round with these 4 oz. North Atlantic lobster tails! These lobsters are sustainably wild caught in Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries in the chilly North Atlantic waters off the coasts of Canada and the USA. When the lobsters are processed, the tails are expertly removed to save prep time in your busy kitchen, then frozen to maintain the freshest possible taste. These tails are graded into a consistent 4 oz. size to make portioning and budgeting easy! With versatile preparation options and unmistakably gourmet flavor, these lobster tails are sure to quickly become a popular addition to your menu! They can be prepared by boiling, broiling, baking, steaming, and grilling, allowing you to create a wide variety of menu items with this versatile ingredient. These whole lobster tails offer attractive presentation options that are sure to catch the eye of your discerning guests; they can be left uncut or butterflied for a showstopping plating choice! Serve your lobster tails over a bed of creamy risotto or pasta, or try using a lobster tail as a decadent topping for lobster mac and cheese. These lobster tails pair beautifully with seasonal vegetables to complement their rich flavor. Add an extra indulgent option to your menu by serving these lobster tails as part of a rich surf n turf special! No matter how you choose to serve them, your guests are sure to enjoy dining on these North Atlantic lobster tails.

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