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Duralactin Canine 60-Ct Soft Chews

Duralactin Canine 60-Ct Soft Chews

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is a safe and effective supplement to be used for long term management of inflammatory conditions in dogs and puppies. is unique in the fact that it can be used for many different types of inflammation. Great for aging dogs, breeds that are prone to inflammation, and pets that cannot take other supplements or are not responding to other supplement. does not require an initial dosing period, but rather works right away, making it more cost effective and makes you feel better by getting your dog help right away. Also, there are no side effects associated with . inhibits the neutrophil migration, which is an alternative approach to managing pain. It only needs to be given once a day and has a great vanilla flavor that dogs love. Feel good about giving Duralaction for your dog s pain management.

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