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Thule Motion Xt L - Black

Thule Motion Xt L - Black

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Optimized design for optimum space efficiency, aerodynamics and vehicle assembly. Easy to install thanks to the extra riding, pre-installed PowerClick quick fastening system. The integrated torque indicator signals by clicking when the box is properly mounted, ensuring fast and secure fastening. Easy to open and close in any situation thanks to user-friendly external handles and practical lid lifter. SlideLock system with separate closing and opening functions automatically locks the lid and indicates when the box is securely closed. Unrestricted access to the trunk and minimal risk of contact with the cargo box due to the forward position on the vehicle roof. The Motion XT roof box is not only designed for maximum space efficiency and simple operation, but is also harmoniously matched to today s vehicle design. It has a distinctive shape that has been optimized using advanced computer simulation, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption and allows a smooth ride without annoying noise. With the Motion XT, is setting new standards in the design of modern roof boxes. This elegant, quiet and user-friendly cargo box makes your vehicle look even better.

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