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Arcade1up Ms. Pac-Man Head-To-Head Countercade 2 Player

Arcade1up Ms. Pac-Man Head-To-Head Countercade 2 Player

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Step up to the counter with a friend (or perhaps a frenemy!), and stare into their eyes with competitive retrogaming determination. Yes, Arcade1Ups new Head-to-Head Countercades are here! Totally awesome additions to home bars, offices, dorm rooms, and anywhere else youd want to squeeze in some vintage video gaming, Arcade1Ups Head-to-Head Countercades are compact in size, but tremendous in fun. Lets start off with that enduring iconic arcade diva. Yes its time to power up your retrogaming nostalgia (even if you werent around when she debuted), with Ms. Use the real feel controls to navigate our insatiably hungry heroine through vibrant mazes, while steering clear of those aggressive ghosts. And then continue on satisfying your POWER PELLET appetite with PAC-MANIA and PAC & PAL! Ready to take on some astronomic antagonists? Also included are the stellar shooters GALAGA and GALAGA 88. Exactly as how you remember them, take on endless descending swarms in space. Oh, and then have your shovel sharpened and air pump primed for the subterranean challenge of DIG DUG!

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